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How To Use Social Media To Get More Traffic

Feb 7, 2011   //   by UBH   //   Blog, Online Marketing  //  No Comments

Social Media has changed the way people use the Internet. Today it plays a major role in most people’s online activities.

Now almost everyone from young kids to big corporations are taking part in this web phenomenon. And they all have their reasons for being there, from making new friends to getting more traffic and clients!

Think that Social Media is just a new method of conversation. Most of the online communication until now was done in one way, from the websites and the companies to the readers. Now the readers may answer back, they might agree to what you have to say or.. not!

But how can this help your website get more traffic?

Well, as all good conversations should, it starts with listening. First listen to what people have to say. Find the ones that represent your target and see what do they have to say, what do they care about?

See what are they keywords they use, and make sure you have content around them.

Social media sites like Facebook an Twitter have millions of users and hundreds of online communities, groups and fan pages.  So if millions of people are there, what are  you waiting for?!

Once you heard them out, talk back! Now you can answer their questions,  offer them solutions, and more important tell them how your services are that solution!

Share your links with them, with such a huge audience you will get more visitors, and if your content is of any value to them, then make sure they will return, or even more, they will pass your links forward, getting you higher and higher audience.

Social media will affect Google ranking. If you generate a lot of “buzz” around your content people will visit, and they will link to you. Once that happens your rankings will start increasing. Use the power this websites have because a social media presence will boos your traffic and get you more customers!